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We scan leading industry news sources for articles that provide insights into techniques, technologies, and trends to help inform and educate Federal data professionals.  We provide headlines and excerpts only, with links to the original sources for full article content.

How data governance must evolve to meet the generative AI challenge

InfoWorld offers 4 ways data governance teams can address risks, challenges, and opportunities from GenAI for sourcing and using data.

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5 Data Management Trends Data Practitioners and CIOs Should Know in 2024 and 2025

Yash Mehta describes 5 key trends in enterprise data management that will help organizations navigate an era of massive data growth.

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Central Command to release new data strategy

The U.S. Central Command will soon issue its own data strategy, leaning heavily on the DOD CDAO’s AI and Data Strategy from 2023.

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DOD’s AI strategy leans on high-quality data

DOD CDAO Craig Martell said the Pentagon’s adoption of AI and pursuit of high-quality data will rely heavily on private sector companies.

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Top 9 Data Quality Software Tools & Solutions of 2024

eWeek has analyzed the nine best data quality software products, including their features, costs, pros and cons, and suitability for business scenarios.

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How To Plan For The Unpredictability Of AI Data In 2024

AI and data expert Naren Narendran outlines 4 common-sense steps to prepare for AI’s massive impact on data management and consumption.

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OMB stands up first online database of all federal programs

OMB launched the Federal Program Inventory, a public database that aims to catalog all federal programs, starting with 2,388 domestic assistance programs.

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DoD wants to ‘popularize’ data patterns to leverage AI

The DoD’s Chief Digital and AI Office (CDAO) wants to “popularize” data patterns and standardize data structures to leverage AI at scale.

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USDA on a mission to make its workforce more data savvy

The Data Science Training Program created by the USDA's Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) now has 160 employees focused on increasing data competencies.

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Creating a Data Quality Framework

A Data Quality framework helps an organization define its Data Quality goals and standards, and the actions needed to accomplish those goals.

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4 Top Data Management Challenges (And How to Conquer Them)

InformationWeek offers insights on how to tackle 4 daunting data management challenges: data silos, complexity, overload, and poor quality.

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8 Strategies for Chief Data Officers to Create and Demonstrate Value

CDOs reported role is not understood, incumbents often met with diffuse expectations and short tenures, focus on adding visible value to organization.

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