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We scan leading industry news sources for articles that provide insights into techniques, technologies, and trends to help inform and educate Federal data professionals.  We provide headlines and excerpts only, with links to the original sources for full article content.

Advanced Analytics and AI/ML Investment in the Defense Health Agency’s Strategic Plan

GovWin’s research team looks at the advanced analytics and AI/ML investments described in the DHA 5-year strategic plan.

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5 ways to use AI and machine learning in dataops

InfoWorld contributor Isaac Sacolick offers five ways to automate data operations with AI and ML to help dataops teams maintain data quality.

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Excella Secures Multiple Deals Extending Support Delivery to Office of Personnel Management

Excella’s partnership with NTIS will help OPM mature its data visualization, infrastructure, skills, standards and stewardship programs.

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The Three Things Data Practitioners Struggle With

Matt Wallace dissects three challenges facing Data Practitioners as they establish DataOps strategies to help manage the explosion of data.

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From data-driven to decision-driven: Leading with questions, not looking for answers

Kyle Byrd explores how evolving from “data-driven” to “decision-driven” can lead to better questions and avoiding pre-determined outcomes.

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Managing Data as a Product: What, Why, How

Keith Foote describes the methods and benefits of managing data as a product, to increase data ROI and avoid large, unused data stores.

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Strong AI/ML Must Be Founded on a Strong Data Strategy

CDOs must ensure the agency has a solid data management and optimization strategy to achieve sustainable ROI on AI and automation investments,

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VIDEO | Data Governance Should Feel Like a Larger Cause — US Fish and Wildlife Service CDO

Dr. Jason Duke, CDO at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, speaks with Deloitte’s Adita Karkera about data governance challenges and culture change.

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Building Resilient Data Ecosystems for Safeguarding Data Integrity and Security

Tamas Kadar outlines several essential steps organizations should take to ensure their data ecosystems remain secure and resilient.

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Treasury seeks greater data sharing in interagency plan to curb improper payments

The Joint Financial Management & Improvement Program (Treas., OMB, GAO, OPM) will release a data-sharing playbook to curb improper payments.

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A Data-Driven Organization Requires Everyone’s Hands on the Wheel

For any organization to become truly data-driven, everyone from sales to marketing to the C-suite needs to be actively driving success.

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Focus on AI & Data Non-Negotiable for IC of Tomorrow, Leaders Say

To succeed with its new data strategy, IC leaders are preparing for AI to help with the overwhelming burden of overseeing massive data sets.

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