Contributing Blog Author – Opportunity & Guidelines

As a public-service website for the federal data community, curates relevant content from authoritative government and industry sources. The site also features blog posts written by leaders in various data practice areas such as data management, governance, information quality, advanced analytics, and AI/ML.

Our primary goal is to publish value-added content to strengthen the federal data community.  Our secondary goal is to help create visibility for YOU – our guest blogger – and bolster your reputation for thought leadership.

As a guest blogger, you have the opportunity to share your insights on a topic of your choosing. Characteristics of a good blog post include:

  • Written for and specifically relevant (or interesting) to federal data leaders
  • 700-1,500 words, organized into easy-to-understand subsections (with citations if necessary)
  • Little if any AI-generated content – we strive to present original, expert insights to the federal data community (per emerging government guidelines, we will label all AI-generated content as such)
  • A short, engaging, and benefits-oriented headline
  • Links within the post to relevant online resources
  • 1 or 2 high-quality illustrations or to help convey your main ideas and make your post more visually appealing (usage rights required; AI-generated images are fine, as long as we label them as such)

Our Easy Editorial Process

  1. Send us your blog post ideas via email or fill out the blogger interest form, along with a tentative date you want the blog post to be published.
  2. We will contact you to discuss your submission, answer any questions you have about the process, and schedule a tentative due date.
  3. You can submit your draft blog post via email to
  4. We will review your draft post timely and offer any minor editorial suggestions. But we want your voice and your ideas to shine through.
  5. Together we will finalize your post and schedule it for publication.
  6. After publication, we will promote your post on our home page, via social media, and in our twice-monthly newsletter.

Potential Topics for Your Blog Post

  • A summary of a recent presentation you’ve given at an industry conference
  • A revision of an existing blog post to specifically address the needs and concerns of federal data professionals
  • An impact analysis of new or pending legislation that affects federal CDO offices
  • A list of 3-5 major considerations for how to plan or implement a data program or system
  • Expert insights about trends or developments related to federal data practices, roles, or funding
  • Authoritative guidance about managing procurements, hiring, budgets, or other capabilities important to the success of federal data professionals
  • Lessons learned from achieving an agency’s business goals using data
  • A summary of new research or resources published by your agency and the benefits for other agencies
  • Your expert analysis or reaction to a new book, white paper, or article that impacts federal data professionals

Things to NOT include in your Blog Post

  • Commercial pitches for a specific product or company
  • Degrading or insulting comments about any other person or organization

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