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2024 Department of the Air Force Data, Analytics, and AI Forum

The Air Force's CDAO and the Office of Studies and Analysis are hosting the Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Forum, April 8-11, 2024.

The Department of the Air Force’s Chief Data and AI Office and the Office of Studies and Analysis are partnering to host the Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Forum in Miramar Beach, FL, April 8-11, 2024. This multi-day gathering of the nation’s top Data Analytics and AI experts will feature use cases, discussions on threat briefs and research, and tutorials and workshops. The event is organized by the esteemed Military Operations Research Society.

Fusion in Flight: Integrating Data, Analytics, and AI to Drive a Modern Air and Space Force

Focus Areas:

  1. Interconnected Innovation: Explore how the combination of data, analytics, and AI has led to innovative solutions in the Air and Space Forces.
  2. Empowering Airmen/Guardians through Integrated Technologies: Discussing how this triad of technology empowers airmen and guardians at all levels, from operators to support, through enhanced situational awareness, predictive insights, and decision support tools.
  3. Efficient Integration for Enhanced Decision-Making: Delving into strategies and best practices for integrating data, analytics, and AI in a way that streamlines processes and enhances the decision-making pipeline.
  4. Operational Impact: Showcasing how the fusion of these technologies impacts various aspects of operations – from logistics and maintenance to combat strategies and training.
  5. Strategy and Future Vision: Offering insights into how this integrated approach will shape the future of the Department of the Air Force, including potential challenges and opportunities on the horizon.
  6. Collaborative Approaches: Highlighting successful collaborations between the military, industry, and academic sectors in driving forward this integrated approach.

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