ACT-IAC Data Driven Forum:Delivering Better Government Services with Accurate Data-Driven Decisions

The ACT-IAC Data Forum will discuss the gathering, managing, and sharing of data to achieve the end-stage objectives.


Data comes from many sources, data definitions, variations in data, different systems, and from many users.  It is important to gather and identify data from a multitude of sources to explore data patterns and data trends to be used for forecasting, planning, future strategies, innovation, research, and others that are not affected by fluctuations, repeated sequencing over fixed periods of time, unexplained random variances, and much more.  Every dataset is unique and the identification of trends and patterns in the underlying data is important but needs to be clear and accurate.  Understanding the origin and reliability of the data is crucial to analysis if an agency or an enterprise wishes to utilize analytical techniques and produce reports and findings that can help achieve its goals.

This Data Forum will discuss the gathering, managing, and of course sharing of data to achieve the end-stage objectives.


  • To hear how agencies and industry have used data to achieve their goals and objectives
  • To learn how agencies have secured accurate data
  • To hear how data has been shared in various and beneficial ways

Government Chair:
Kevin Duvall, Chief Information Officer, Administration for Children & Families, Department of Health and Human Services (Invited)

Industry Chair:
Todd Hager, Vice President, Macro Solutions

Training Credits
The individuals who successfully complete this program are eligible for 4 Continuous Learning Points (CLP).
Individuals seeking CLPs may obtain their CLPs by sending an email request to

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