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Big Data for Intelligence Symposium

The Big Data for Intelligence Symposium explores how the IC and DoD can leverage big data for strategic and operational decision-making.

The 11th Annual Big Data for Intelligence Symposium, hosted by the Defense Strategies Institute, will bring together senior leaders from across the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, federal government, academia, and industry to advance strategies, collaboration efforts, and modernization initiatives to leverage data as a strategic asset in an increasingly complex, interconnected global security environment. This year’s event will advance the IC’s and DoD’s ability to leverage AI and analytics to improve the collection, processing, and management of data to deliver the strategic and operational decision-making advantage.

In an increasingly inter-connected, data-driven, digital world, the Intelligence Community and DoD are facing information overload amidst rapidly evolving complex and challenging issues, threats, and risks. In this new era of strategic competition, the IC and DoD must accelerate the adoption of data, analytics, and AI to speed up the collection, accessibility, and exploitation of vast amounts of data in order to generate the decision and intelligence advantage. This year’s panel will explore the increasingly interconnected relationship between big data and AI, and how AI and advanced analytical capabilities are key to speeding up the processing, exploitation, and analysis of large volumes of data.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Nancy Morgan, Former IC CDO, ODNI
  • Kathy Lane, Deputy IC CDO, Assistant DNI for Data, Office of Data and Partnership Interoperability, ODNI
  • Eileen Vidrine, SES, CDAIO, Department of the Air Force
  • Jamie Konstas, CDO, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Rich Klein, Deputy CDO, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Matthew Graviss, PhD, CDAIO, U.S. Department of State
  • CAPT Brian Erickson, CDAO, U.S. Coast Guard

Registration is complimentary for Active Military and Government attendees.  Visit the event website for registration fees for industry, academia, and non-profit organizations.

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