Data Economics: Quantifying the Financial Value of All Things Data

A webinar hosted by EDM Council and YDC will explore how forward-thinking CDOs use data economics to drive quantifiable financial value.

Enlightened CDOs have the opportunity to grow market capitalization (publicly traded companies) or to drive incremental stakeholder alignment (non-public organizations) based on the hidden value of data. Intangibles make up more than 80% of the Enterprise Value of S&P 500 Companies. Traditional definitions of intangibles include goodwill, customer lists and intellectual property BUT DO NOT include data. Join us to hear how forward-thinking CDOs are using data economics to drive quantifiable financial value for their organizations.

During this webinar, industry experts will cover approaches to quantify the value of different types of data:

  • Data Products including offensive and defensive capabilities
  • Data Initiatives such as data literacy, data quality and data lake
  • Critical Data Elements supporting data governance
  • Reports to support regulatory and analytical use cases
  • People to highlight team members and stewards who are key contributors to the data program

The webinar will be led by industry experts including:

  • Sunil Soares, CEO, YDC
  • Mike Meriton, Moderator, Co-Founder & COO, EDM Council

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