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Data Management & Analytics Government Insights – Fall Edition

Public Sector Networks' Government Data Insights Fall Edition virtual event features public-sector data pros discussing cutting-edge topics in data management and analytics.

Cutting Through Complexity to Deliver Clarity for Actionable Insights

Another tumultuous year is winding down. Looking ahead to 2023, public sector data professionals can get ahead by finding new processes that better generate, collect, store, and analyze data – particularly as governments continue to integrate digital capabilities

Persistent roadblocks including resource constraints, staffing, and data literacy are slowing the public sector’s ability to better leverage data and impact lives. Moreover, not all data is created equal – nor are the systems that capture and store it.

How can data leaders continue to drive agency and department success in 2023? What initiatives are public sector data professionals spearheading to attract quality talent while accelerating data literacy in current staff? What new tips can public sector data leaders glean from their peers working in an highly regulated industry – i.e. cannabis – as it establishes best practices without federal guidelines on how to do so?

Public Sector Network’s Government Data Insights Fall Edition virtual event will bring together public sector data professionals across all levels of government from across the country to discuss a range of cutting-edge topics in data management and analytics. Join your peers in conversation as we prepare for a successful 2023!

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