Data Without Borders: Navigating Rights, Regulations, and Sovereignty

Privitar, a leader in data privacy and management, will host international data policy expert Vivienne Artz OBE to discuss cross-border data privacy and ownership issues.

Data leaders in many federal agencies are concerned about data privacy and ownership issues as they work out data-sharing agreements with international governments and industry partners.

For a cross-Atlantic perspective on this issue, join Privitar for a free webinar with their guest, Vivienne Artz OBE, who is an expert in everything data protection and strategy, an advisor to numerous boards and business leaders. Paul McCormack will lead a fireside chat to discuss the complexities of international data transfer regulations and rules. Vivienne brings insights from her conversations with business and government to talk about how public policy and professional practices could evolve to safeguard data privacy at the same time as users get the most out of data.

Topics include:

  • Current international data transfer rules and regulations
  • Innovative, responsible, and accountable ways to use data
  • Getting comfortable with a spectrum of risks
  • What might future international standards on data look like

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