Bringing Automation to DataOps's webinar will demo the DataOps application with automated, intelligent notifications using newly acquired technology from Mighty Canary.

According to, data engineers spend as much as 30% of their time answering, and re-answering, questions about the status and quality of data and reports. Even so, downstream data consumers often don’t trust the data feeding their reports.  To address this gap, is introducing a new DataOps application to its data catalog platform.

The DataOps application — which is free to agencies that already use at the standard tier or above — provides real-time updates on data quality and communicates health metrics that increase the use of high-quality data. The application works across the BI, communications, and collaboration tools that data consumers use every day. will hold a webinar to demo this application (registration required) and share best practices for leveraging a data catalog for DataOps to surface:

  • Data quality updates, including dbt pipeline freshness
  • Data lineage on data sets and reports
  • Business glossary definitions in applications like Tableau, PowerBI and Slack.

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