DATAVERSITY: Data Catalogs Are the Answer – What is the Question?

Bob Seiner leads this DATAVERSITY webinar to discuss the value of a data catalog and how to build catalog usage into your stewards’ daily routines.

Real World Data Governance:  Organizations with governed metadata made available through their data catalog can answer questions their people have about the organization’s data. These organizations get more value from their data, protect their data better, gain improved ROI from data-centric projects and programs, and have more confidence in their most strategic data.

Join Bob Seiner for this lively webinar where he will talk about the value of a data catalog and how to build the use of the catalog into your stewards’ daily routines. Bob will share how the tool must be positioned for success and viewed as a must-have resource that is a stepping stone and catalyst to governed data across the organization.

In this webinar, Bob Seiner (President and Principle at KIK Consulting and Educational Services) will focus on:

  • Selecting the appropriate metadata to govern
  • The business and technical value of a data catalog
  • Building the catalog into people’s routines
  • Positioning the data catalog for success
  • Questions the data catalog can answer

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