Doing What’s Right: Exploring a Framework for Data Ethics

In this isCDO webinar, presenter and author Kathy Rondon presents a framework for developing and assessing ethical data practices.

While embracing the promise of technological advances and data-driven decision making, organizations must also acknowledge and address the potential harms to individuals, populations, and society as a whole in our data collection, sharing, use, and retention practices.

In this webinar from isCDO, presenter Kathy Rondon — who recently published a book titled “We The People: A Playbook for Data Ethics in a Democratic Society” — presents a framework for organizations to use in developing and assessing ethical data practices. Hint: it involves much more than data privacy!

Kathy Rondon is a data governance practitioner, educator, and thought leader with over 30 years of experience in data and information management. Her professional focus has long been data governance in the public sector, where she has spent most of her career. In developing and writing about data ethics, she draws from her experience drafting and implementing full data lifecycle policies and procedures, conceptualizing and delivering data literacy programs, and facilitating data sharing agreements covering highly sensitive data assets.

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