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EDM Council: Designing and Managing Data Products

The EDM Council's Data Products SIG will present an interim report on efforts to develop a sound basis for designing and managing data products.

Good quality data assets are key to the success of every organization. Treating a data asset like a product will increase its quality, its value, and its utility both for producers and consumers of data. The EDM Council Data Products Special Interest Group has been exploring this approach to develop a sound basis for designing and managing data products.

The EDM Council Data Products SIG has been aimed at establishing and embedding data products within organizations to fully realize their worth. To achieve this, they have borrowed from product thinking, proposed a life cycle, and developed a conceptual metadata structure for data products. They have also used the Council’s method of providing advice, questions, and prompts for data and data products practitioners, as well as providing key candidate artifacts that provide the basis for designing and managing data products.

This webinar presents an interim report from this SIG, which is expected to continue to develop and refine its understanding of data products. We also realize that data products will thrive within a wider context that includes data marketplaces and other product infrastructure. These two themes are part of the upcoming work for the SIG in 2024.

Scheduled speakers include:

  • Steve Fisher – Principal Consultant, Ortecha
  • Leigh Pence – Data Governance Senior Tech Lead, Freddie Mac
  • Stephen Gatchell – Director of Data Advisory, BigID
  • Jim Halcomb – Head of Product Management, EDM Council

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