EDMWebinar: Delivering Value and Security, Managing Sensitive Data Across Complex Organizations

In this EMC Council webinar with insights relevant for federal agencies, leaders from Accenture and Securiti discuss how to balance enterprise analytics with data protection.

CDOs, CISOs, and data leaders face the challenge of delivering value to their organizations while balancing the demands of data-hungry teams and their data obligations. They must balance the need for fast, accurate analytics with policies that protect and govern all data across silos. Complex enterprises must implement consistent solutions that fit into the entire organization’s platforms and policies, while still enabling data engineers to find value in data quickly with the least friction.

In this webinar, industry leaders from Accenture, along with Securiti CEO Rehan Jalil, will share their real-world insights on tackling these challenges and how they have accelerated innovation with embedded controls.

The panel will explore:

  • The special challenges in protecting and managing sensitive data across complex organizations
  • How to create policies that continuously manage sensitive data in rapidly changing environments across multiple LOBs
  • Key considerations when selecting sensitive data management solutions
  • Collaborating effectively across organizational silos, including data

The webinar will be led by industry experts including:

  • Rehan Jalil, CEO, Securiti
  • Daniel Kendzior, Managing Director WW Data, Accenture
  • Mike Meriton, Moderator, Co-Founder & COO, EDM Council

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