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Federal News Network’s AI and Data Exchange

At Federal News Network’s first AI & Data Exchange, gov't and industry experts share insights and progress on AI work and how to address agency challenges.

Federal work on AI, machine learning and data-intensive pilots and projects is not new. But the White House’s October 2023 executive order on secure development of AI — coupled with congressional bills aimed at ensuring security and privacy remain chief focuses — has created a new set of priorities for agencies going forward.

During Federal News Network’s inaugural AI & Data Exchange, presented by Guidehouse, government and industry experts will share insights and progress on AI work and discuss how to address the related challenges that all agencies face. Each day, we’ll feature provocative discussions on daily themes:

Day 1: Meeting the AI mandate

  • How is the latest executive order impacting AI development across government?
  • What additional guidance can agencies expect?
  • How can agencies raise the bar to meet AI use mandates and also effectively maintain data security and privacy as necessary?
  • What’s the perspective from Capitol Hill?

Day 2: AI on the front lines right now

  • How are AI and machine learning helping agencies meet their missions today?
  • How are agencies tackling challenges?
  • What are the lessons learned?
  • What’s planned on the near horizon — and beyond?

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