GovFuture Forum Online August 2023: US Air Force DAF Data Services Environment

Learn how the USAF Enterprise Data Services Operations and Strategy (SAF/CNDS) unveils its Integrated Data Services Environment.

David S. Sanchez, Technical Director of US Department of the Air Force (DAF) Enterprise Data Services Operations & Strategy (SAF/CNDS), Secretary of the Air Force, will present how SAF Enterprise Data Services Operations and Strategy (SAF/CNDS) unveils a cutting-edge Integrated Data Services Environment and a multi-layered Data Fabric.

This comprehensive solution encompasses the seamless capture, efficient management, secure storage, long-term preservation, and streamlined delivery of five distinct categories of data object metadata. These valuable insights are derived from a wide array of sources, including man-made devices, human input, and advanced human-machine sensors strategically deployed throughout the enterprise.

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