Trust Issues With Your Data? Fix Them Now Using an Integrated Approach

This EDM Council webinar with Precisely explores how to fix bad data by applying integrated capabilities, increasing trust in your decisions.

Do you struggle to ensure the data in your organization can be trusted to make confident decisions? Are you concerned that applying Generative AI or other advanced analytics techniques to bad data will only make this problem worse? Join us to learn how you to fix your bad data by applying integrated capabilities and trust your decisions.

In this webinar, co-hosted by Precisely, we will discuss:

  • How a data governance framework is critical to ensure your teams understand the available data.
  • Why an integrated catalog with metadata that is automatically created fundamentally changes the game for your users.
  • What role AI can play in improving the quality of your data using capabilities such anomaly detection and automated suggestions.
  • How to involve a broad set of users across your organization to ensure quality data is maintained.

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