As a new service for the federal data community, we want to be as transparent and helpful as possible.  We hope the following FAQs will help you. Use the form on our Contact page to get in touch with any other questions you have to discuss opportunities to collaborate.

Why did Citizant create govCDO.com?

After solving complex data challenges for government agencies for nearly 25 years, Citizant saw an opportunity to address an evident need in the federal data community:  to create a purpose-built editorial and community hub that helps federal data leaders accelerate the success of their data-driven missions.

Citizant is a government professional services firm with an undeniable passion for people, transformation, and service that specializes in Enterprise Data Management and IT system development and integration (Agile/DevSecOps). Our federal data customers — many of whom are new to their data leadership roles — regularly ask us to recommend blogs, newsletters, websites, podcasts, or Twitter feeds that will help them build their expertise and increase situational awareness. When we saw there was no portal built specifically for this audience, we realized we could leverage our expertise in IT systems and data to build one.

govCDO is currently hosted by Citizant so that industry and academia can collaborate with federal data leaders. govCDO.com is not a business development or lead generation site. We do not sell any visitor information or provide leads to sponsors (see our Privacy Policy). As we roll out community-generated content, government data leaders will have the ability to pose questions anonymously and solicit input from registered representatives from industry and academia. We welcome all companies and organizations to engage with us on govCDO.com, thereby increasing their exposure among federal data professionals and fostering connections and collaboration within this community.

Why did you change your site’s name to govCDOiq.org?

After discussing our initiative with several fed data industry leaders, we realized that changing to a .ORG domain would emphasize our public-service mission.  And by adding “IQ” to our name, we could emphasize Information Quality, which is a major intended outcome of every data management program.  It also reinforces our purpose to help federal data professionals get smarter about this sector that is vitally important to America’s leadership on the world stage, our national security, and the quality of services delivered to American citizens.

Can I (or a thought leader on my team) submit a blog post to govCDOiq.org?

We welcome and encourage government and industry thought leaders to share their opinions, advice, lessons learned, or other ideas via the govCDOiq.org blog.  All blog entries for govCDOiq.org should be tailored specifically to the interests of federal data professionals — not simply repurposed from another site aimed at private sector (commercial) data professionals. Use the form on our Contact Us page to propose your ideas and send us your contact information.  (Choose “Interested in Blogging” from the Primary Interest dropdown menu.)  We’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

Can my organization become a content partner to govCDOiq?

Absolutely yes. We welcome contributions from any governmental, commercial, academic, or industry organizations that have relevant, tailored information to will benefit the federal data community. You can use the form on our Contact Us page to describe your interest and provide your contact inforamtion.

All submissions should be non-commercial, in that they are not advertisements or sales pitches for products or services.  We rarely link directly to company news releases.  However, if your company’s announcement is the subject of an article by a legitimate news organization and you think we should link to that article in our Data Headlines section, you can send an email with article link to editor@govcdoiq.org.

Where did you source the content for the Fed Data Leader profiles?

The Fed Data Leader profiles on govCDOiq.org are compiled and edited from publicly available sources such as government agency websites, event speaker profiles, and LinkedIn. We believe there is value for the federal data community to be able to discover and connect with other leaders — as well as value for the leaders themselves to be visible among their peers and recognized for the missions they oversee.

During our soft-launch period, we are reaching out to all leaders included on govCDOiq.org to seek corrections and permission to feature them on this site.  After a reasonable time, we will remove any leader profiles for which we have not secured permission. Leaders who want us to remove or update their profile can use the Edit Fed Data Leaders form.

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