DHS Cybersecurity Service Building Talent Pool for Multiple Roles in Data Science, AI Operations

Original Job Opening Posted on USAJobs.gov: https://www.usajobs.gov/job/789766900

The Department of Homeland Security Headquarters, Cybersecurity Service, is seeking to fill multiple technical roles in Data Science, according to a job posting on USAJobs.gov.

DHS is recruiting professionals to support a range of technical roles in Data Science, including Data Scientist, Data Engineers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist, AI Operations Analyst, Data Modeler, Data Security Officer and Operations Research Analyst. DHS Cybersecurity Service (DHS-CS) uses a multi-phase assessment process to qualify applicants. Given the ever-advancing nature of cybersecurity and the ongoing need for cybersecurity talent, DHS-CS uses “Talent Pools” to pull qualified applicants (i.e., individuals who have successfully completed the multi-phase assessment process for their capability and career track/level) for consideration for these jobs. Applicants to the DHS-CS “Talent Pool” will remain eligible for consideration for up to one year from the date of completion.

As a DHS-CS employee in the Technical Career Track, you will continually maintain and share your Data Science expertise to perform a range of critical, complex, routine and non-routine tasks, including:

  • Applying knowledge of essential cybersecurity policies to data management to develop data standards, policies, and procedures to facilitate and implement data mining and data warehousing programs to collect, clean, convert and standardize complex data for analysis.
  • Conducting hypothesis testing using statistical processes applying quantitative techniques (e.g., descriptive and inferential statistics, sampling, experimental design) to assess the validity of source data and develop strategic insights from large data sets.
  • Proactively collaborating with systems analysts, engineers, and programmers to design applications integrating data from several disparate sources that is stored using different technologies to provide a unified view of the data.
  • Using a variety of tools, including Google Analytics, to monitor web data, log data, and threat data analytics, to provide a managed flow of relevant information based on cybersecurity mission requirements.
  • Analyzing and defining data requirements and specifications using various tools and methodologies (e.g., Statistical Package for Social Sciences [SPSS], Statistical Analysis System [SAS], R Analytics, Statistics and Data [STATA]) to discover new patterns and behaviors providing DHS Headquarters (HQ) and/or Component stakeholders actionable recommendations.
  • Planning for anticipated changes in enterprise data capacity requirements and effectively allocating storage capacity in the design of new data management systems, technologies, and architectures.
  • Providing technical and nontechnical support to collect metrics and trending data using enterprise data management systems (e.g., SPLUNK) and cloud-based systems (e.g., AWS).
  • Using data visualization tools (e.g., R, Tableau, Flare, Google Visualization Application Programming Interface [API], RGIS) to design charts and exhibit graphic representations for the purposes of providing actionable recommendations to critical leadership officials and stakeholders.
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Job Opening Details

Job Opening Date: 05/03/2024
Job Closing Date: 06/02/2024
Salary Range: $104,000 - $207,500 per year
Pay Scale/Grade: DC 2
Telework Eligible: Yes—as determined by the agency policy.
Applications Open To: The Public - U.S. Citizens or U.S. Nationals
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