DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics Seeks a Data Scientist

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The Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, is searching for a Data Scientist, according to a job posting on

According to the posting, duties for the Data Scientist include:

  • Develops and maintains the scripts and processes required to extract, transform, review and move data and metadata through the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) database of record.
  • Explores new technologies and techniques to create efficient process around data extraction, loading, transformation, governance, and cataloguing.
  • Serves as an advisor to Bureau statisticians in solving complex and far-reaching data management issues and problems for a wide range of systems, applications and customers that use statistical methods and techniques.
  • Leverages innovative project management methodologies (e.g., scaled Agile framework) to complete projects within a complex environment that requires coordination with multiple stakeholders across multiple organizations.
  • Develops standard queries, reports and presentations that translate complex analytics concepts, findings and limitations into plain language for nontechnical audiences.
  • Develops algorithms and tools to support data manipulation and processing as well as the use of data visualization techniques to articulate findings.
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Job Opening Details

Job Opening Date: 06/20/2024
Job Closing Date: 07/08/2024
Salary Range: $117,962 - $153,354 per year
Pay Scale/Grade: GS 13
Telework Eligible: Yes—as determined by the agency policy.
Applications Open To: Career Transition, The Public

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