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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is searching for a Financial Data Scientist to work in the Division of Resolutions and Receiverships, according to a job posting on

The Division of Resolutions and Receiverships provides support in the areas of AMM program financial modeling needs including big data management, probabilistic modeling, structured finance modeling, and data science techniques and provides reports, recommendations, and presentations to management

According to the posting, duties for the Financial Data Scientist include:

  • Leads the development of auditable, flexible, repeatable, and scalable extract transform and load (ETL) or extract loan transforms (ELT) capabilities on structured and unstructured data sources in a variety of formats from multiple sources.
  • Advises on the potential benefit in developing and implementing lifecycle and analytic tools for a wide range of systems, applications, and end-users to improve the efficiency of program operations.  Analytic tools include artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) models, data visualizations, and other analysis supporting research, policy and risk assessment for insurance, supervision, and resolution activities.
  • Identifies and applies complex analytical techniques such as statistical and econometric analysis, machine learning algorithms, data missing, metadata management, and data standardization to data management and banking industry matters and trends.
  • Gathers, analyzes, and presents a wide range of financial information pertaining to FDIC insured commercial banks and thrifts, asset resolution strategies, financial market benchmarks, industry trends as well as state and regional economic conditions to specific FDIC risk exposures, and reports findings, conveys complex financial concepts and conclusions to Branch, Division and Corporation senior management, and translates results of analysis into clear, actionable communications that equip business decision makers to make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Analyzes a variety of data sources to provide data-driven analytical software to programmatically prepare, clean, and augment imperfect data (using techniques of probabilistic matching, imputation of missing values, etc.) for business analytics, including the valuations of assets and liabilities for FDIC financial statements in conjunction with other divisions and stress tests and analyses to senior management on various economic scenarios based on the PD/LGD framework for projecting credit losses on commercial bank loan assets such as single-family, commercial real estate, construction and development loans, etc., based on historical performance data.
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Job Opening Details

Job Opening Date: 06/21/2024
Job Closing Date: 07/05/2024
Salary Range: $123,575 - $211,867 per year
Pay Scale/Grade: CG 13
Telework Eligible: Yes—The FDIC offers position-specific telework options.
Applications Open To: The Public

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