IRS Seeks a Deputy CDAO for Statistics of Income Division

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The Internal Revenue Service is searching for a Deputy Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO), who will also serve as Director of the Statistics of Income Division, according to a job posting on

The Deputy CDAO-Statistics will lead the production of official statistics on the U.S. tax system. They will provide leadership within the Internal Revenue Service Research, Applied Analytics and Statistics Division, which partners with enterprise leaders to develop and deliver innovative and strategic support for the nation’s tax system through applying analytics and statistics. The DCD&AOS also serves as a principal statistical advisor to the Chief Data and Analytics Officer, serves as the Statistical Official for the Treasury Department, and is a member of the Office of Management and Budget’s Interagency Council on Statistical Policy.

According to the posting, duties for the Deputy CDAO-Statistics include:

  • Serving as the Treasury Statistical Official. Managing and developing a comprehensive process to assess, identify, monitor, and lead the IRS Statistics of Income Division, a principal statistical unit which produces and disseminates data on the tax system. Providing advice on development of statistical programs and products to officials of IRS, Treasury, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, congressional committees, other federal government agencies, state and local governments, research organizations and business organizations.
  • Planning and monitoring statistical efforts supporting RAAS’s mission, including sample design and statistical processing issues related to statistical data production. Anticipating and leading change in sample design and statistical processing procedures in response to changing customer needs. Directing production of statistical tables, annual and periodic studies of taxpayer reporting characteristics, information match studies and special studies of domestic and international tax activities. Ensuring reports are produced and disseminated in compliance with legislative requirements and relevant OMB guidance.
  • Developing and reviewing annual publications for legislative analysis, which contain financial benchmark data and analysis of taxpayer characteristics based upon returns from individuals, corporations, estates, fiduciaries, partnerships, sole proprietorships, exempt organizations, and international activities. Developing and reviewing special analyses produced for Treasury’s Office of Tax Analysis, congressional committees, the President’s Council of Economic Advisors and other government agencies regarding tax and economic developments. These statistics are prepared for release in various Statistics of Income reports, the IRS Data Book, the Statistical Abstract of the United States, and various special tax administration studies.
  • Serving as Treasury’s senior advisor for statistical policy and techniques ensuring use of optimal levels of data quality and confidentiality. Serving as a member of the OMB Interagency Council on Statistical Policy and its subcommittees. Advising OMB in setting federal government standards for statistical policy and practices and ensuring IRS and Treasury practices and procedures comply with these standards. Managing clearance process within Treasury for OMB draft regulations and guidance.
  • Interacting with leaders of major statistical agencies, leaders of statistical components in other agencies and government policymakers who depend on IRS statistics. Advising IRS leaders to ensure data collections meet quality, timeliness, accessibility, and documentation standards to support downstream analytic and research uses as required by statute, regulation and OMB guidance.
  • Collaborating with Treasury senior leaders including the Chief Data Officer and Evaluation Officer on statistical methodologies, data access, data acquisition and linkage, learning agendas and evaluation plans. Directing budget formulation, resource allocation, organizational staffing and training, statistical processing and computing functions located at IRS facilities. Serving as a member of Treasury’s Data Governance Board and Artificial Intelligence Governance Board, advising leadership on statistical issues, overseeing development of data quality and data standards, and assisting Treasury privacy officials in establishing protocols to protect privacy in statistical data releases.
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Job Opening Details

Job Opening Date: 03/08/2024
Job Closing Date: 04/08/2024
Salary Range: $147,649 - $221,900 per year
Pay Scale/Grade: ES 00
Telework Eligible: Yes—as determined by the agency policy.
Applications Open To: Federal Employees - Competitive Service; Federal Employees - Excepted Service; Internal to an Agency; Senior Executives; the public.

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