Social Security Seeks CDO/Assoc. Commissioner for Analytics and Improvements

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) is searching for an Associate Commissioner for Analytics and Improvements (AC, OAI), who also serves as the SSA’s Chief Data Officer, according to a job posting on This role became vacant when Robert King was hired as the Chief Data Officer at the Department of Energy in June 2023.

The AC, OAI — part of the Office of Analytics, Review, and Oversight (OARO) — is the key SSA executive responsible for the improvement of information sharing across organizational boundaries for managers to make informed decisions. The AC, OAI is responsible for designing and implementing data strategies and systems.

The OARO supports the agency’s mission, goals, and service principles by reviewing program quality and effectiveness; making recommendations for program improvement using feedback from the adjudication of cases, predictive modeling, and advanced data analysis; coordinating the agency’s detection and prevention of fraud; and responding to recommendations of external monitoring authorities.

According to the posting, the AC, OAI / CDO:

  • Oversees the collection, storage, management, quality, and protection of data, while adhering to data privacy policies and complying with data protection regulations. They work with the CIO to determine where to cut costs based on insights derived from data, and effectively communicate the status, value, and importance of data collection to executives and staff.
  • Maintains knowledge of relevant applications, tools, and methodologies as associated with big data solutions, data analytics, enterprise project management, and process engineering.
  • Serves as the agency lead for business/data analytics and provides authoritative information and evaluations used in establishing priorities, allocating resources, and formulating management policies and agency initiatives.
  • Oversees all matters related to the ongoing operations research studies of SSA programs and management issues, to improve the efficiency of SSA’s operational workloads. Additionally, they provide expert statistical support to SSA components on study design, sample selection, variance calculations, hypothesis testing, and deep dive data analysis.
  • Tracks and measures the success of performance across agency components and identifies emerging improvement issues based on longitudinal data analysis; works with components to identify opportunities to enhance agency processes through re-engineering improvement initiatives.
  • Evaluates processes, policies, and procedures to identify opportunities for improvement, and works in collaboration with agency operating components and subject matter experts to evaluate existing processes, identify problem indicators, develop, and test innovative solutions options and identify measurable performance goals.
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Job Opening Details

Job Opening Date: 06/15/2023
Job Closing Date: 07/05/2023
Salary Range: $141,022 - $201,500 per year
Pay Scale/Grade: ES 00
Telework Eligible: field_64f0d0e139801
Applications Open To: field_64f0d0ff39802
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