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Scott Beliveau

Chief Data Officer (Acting)

Patent and Trademark Office

Scott Beliveau is the Chief Data Officer (Acting) at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Beliveau told WashingtonExec in April 2023 that his current focus is on improving USPTO’s public data dissemination efforts to enhance the customer experience. He plans to integrate data sources and services to build trust and provide easily accessible data regardless of skill level. He also seeks to rebrand public data dissemination customers as the valuable creators they truly are.

With an eye towards empowering public innovation and improving USPTO operations, he co-founded the USPTO’s award-winning data efforts, delivering a data platform comprising one of the world’s largest collections of open innovation, spanning over 200 years. Beliveau has constructively used USPTO data in a variety of ways, including operational use of artificial intelligence to achieve its mission at a lower cost, use of advanced analytics to span disparate data silos, and improvements in customer service through the use of cognitive assistants. He continues to promote industry partnerships and public innovation to empower entrepreneurs to innovate and grow new opportunities.

Scott Beliveau previously served as co-Lead Product Owner of the USPTO’s Enterprise Data and Analytics product. He also served as Director of Enterprise Data Architecture and Chief of the Enterprise Advanced Analytics Branch in the USPTO’s Office of the CTO.  He led a team of data scientists to support the development of the “big data reservoir”, an effort to improve performance management enterprise-wide with data driven decision/policy making and to establish a future platform for Artificial Intelligence (AI) development at the USPTO.

Mr. Beliveau began his career at the USPTO in 2002 as an Examiner in the Interactive Video Distribution art area (725). He eventually became a Supervisory Patent Examiner in that same area and led a number of special projects relating to mobile application software development, knowledge management and crowdsourcing. While detailed to the Office of the Under Secretary, Scott helped lead the USPTO efforts to meet the White House and Department of Commerce strategic data goals, work which laid the foundation for the creation of the “Digital Services and Big Data” portfolio.

Mr. Beliveau received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Brown University and his Masters of Business Administration at the University of Rhode Island.

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