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CDC Taps Leslyn McNabb as Branch Chief, Data Transport Branch

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has named Leslyn McNabb as the Branch Chief, Data Transport Branch, within the Digital Services Office (DSO), as first noted on

In her LinkedIn post announcing the new role, McNabb shared:

I am accountable for the modernization of the CDC’s data exchange portfolio: data transport proper, data observability and initial data validation. I lead CDC’s Enterprise Data Exchange (DEX) platform, a growing portfolio of 6 data exchange products, a large team of Federal staff and contractors, and am COR (Contract Officer’s Representative) to 50+ contractors across multiple vehicles. Our data exchange products support dozens of CDC programs, who in turn support STLT (State, Tribal, Local, Territorial) PHAs (Public Health Agencies), and ultimately our nation’s public health.

McNabb has served the CDC for two decades in numerous roles — from a Team Lead in Library Systems to a Project and Product Manager, and Acting Product Owner prior to her new role as Branch Chief.

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