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FAA Posts Market Survey for ASKME Platform Component for CDO

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Chief Data Office (ADO), in conjunction with the FAA Office of Aviation Safety (AVS) and other FAA lines of business, is considering alternative approaches to acquiring the capabilities announced in the June 2022 market survey announcement for the Aviation Safety Knowledge Management Environment (ASKME).

The FAA has issued a market survey seeking information related to available software offerings that could be integrated as platform services, enclaves, or components on the Enterprise Information Management Data Platform (EIMDP), which it could use to build, deliver, operate and maintain business applications such as ASKME to gain an understanding of how these solutions can automate, streamline, and improve the business processes and data analysis functions for the FAA’s Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) and other FAA business organizations.

This market survey is intended to gather industry input and insights on an alternative acquisition approach that would separate out the acquisition of Platform capabilities from the acquisition of ASKME application capabilities. In this approach, the FAA ADO would acquire and integrate foundational capabilities of the Platform Component of the ASKME program as part of the FAA EIMDP. The acquisition and operations of the ASKME application would be a separate acquisition activity that would be built on the platform capabilities that are integrated into the FAA EIMDP.

Full details of the market survey can be found on under Notice ID: ASKMEPC01.  Responses are due by April 10, 2023 at 2:00 PM EDT.

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