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SEC Extends OCDO Support with $4M, 6-month bridge contract to Peregrine Advisors Benefit

As noted by, the Securities and Exchange Commission has extended its current support for the Office of the Chief Data Officer (OCDO), provided by incumbent Peregrine Advisors Benefit Inc., by awarding a 6-month, $4 million bridge contract.

The SEC OCDO is led by Chief Data Officer Austin Gerig.  The recent actions for this SEC OCDO support procurement include:

  • Proposal submissions for the follow-on SEC OCDO support contract — a $43 million BPA contract — were submitted in early August.
  • In late August, the SEC awarded a 2-month, $1 million bridge contract to Peregrine to extend work through the end of October.
  • In late September, the agency awarded three BPA contracts to SHR Consulting Group, Anika Systems, and Skyward IT Solutions.
  • Two protests were denied by the GAO in late October, ostensibly clearing the way for the SEC to finalize its BPA contracts and award two initial OCDO support task orders.
  • The new SEC OCDO support bridge contract currently provides $704,160 in funding for 1 month of services until 11/30/2023.

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