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EDM Council Publishes 2023 Cloud Data Management Benchmark Report

EDM Council has published the first Cloud Data Management Benchmark Report, which measures progress in cloud data management and data risk controls. The analysis is structured using the CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) framework: a codified standard of best practices, data risk controls, and automations for migrating and managing data safely in the cloud.

Key findings include:

  • 92% of respondents indicate they are engaged in cloud implementation, but most capabilities are in the “developmental” stage
  • 84% of respondents have not implemented “ethical access, use, and outcome” policies and procedures when executing their agenda in the cloud
  • 98% of respondents agreed it would be helpful to have a framework like CDMC for the management of data and its lifecycle in the cloud

Organizations may use the Cloud Data Management Benchmark Report to compare their cloud data management capabilities and data risk controls to industry standards. For those who have implemented the CDMC framework, the report provides an opportunity to compare scores with other organizations.

Download the report: (registration required)

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