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EDM Council Publishes Guidance for Computing a Data ROI

Federal agencies that regulate or analyze data-intensive businesses — including banks and data-product companies — will be interested in a new report titled “Measure, Manage, Create Value – Practical Steps for Achieving High Data ROI by Treating Data as an Asset“.  This report, published by the EDM Council’s Data ROI Working Group, outlines a method for measuring the overall value of an organization’s data — as distinct from its unattributed, intangible value. The report specifically addresses situations of data product companies and banks and suggests how to compute a data ROI.

Download the PDF report from the EDM Council (registration required)

This is the second report in the Data ROI series.  The first report, titled “The Data Office Playbook 1.0“, can be found at the Council’s Data ROI page.  This report includes 7 steps, 28 plays, and 4 actions that any organization can implement, along with 16 business cases and 19 case studies.

Info Byte Source: EDM Council

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