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Salesforce: The State of Data and Analytics Report

Salesforce surveyed more than 10,000 analytics, IT, and business leaders for insights on data management and decision making in the AI age and published its research results in “The State of Data and Analytics Report.”  The report is available for download on the Salesforce website (free registration required).

The top-line observations include:

  • Advances in AI are accelerating the demand for trusted, secure data.  Among U.S. public sector respondents, 96% of business leaders feel their organizations should be getting more value from data.
  • Companies struggle with securing and harmonizing massive volumes of data. U.S. public sector business leaders say their top data challenges are limited data access, the overwhelming volume of data, data is often outdated, lack of training, and lack of a single source of truth.
  • Leaders are redefining data governance to prime their data for the age of AI.  Among all U.S. Analytics and IT leaders surveyed, the top roles cited for data governance are a data privacy policy; a tool to ensure and certify baseline data quality; a compliance measure; guidelines for ethical use of data; and a measure for data maturity progress. published a lengthy synopsis of the Salesforce research report.

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