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EDM Council: Microsoft Achieves First CDMC Certification

The EDM Council and Microsoft have announced the certification of Microsoft Purview under the Council’s Cloud Data Management Capability (CDMC) framework. Microsoft Purview, the company’s unified data governance and compliance solution, was certified under the CDMC framework’s 14 Key Controls and Automations. The CDMC framework was formulated as a best practice to help all industries accelerate the migration of sensitive and non-sensitive data to the cloud with confidence.

This certification of Microsoft Purview was conducted by EDM Council CDMC Authorized Partners Accenture and Avanade. It demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to accelerating cloud adoption by providing comprehensive automations and controls for protecting sensitive data in cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

Microsoft’s certification will allow its client companies across all sectors to implement best practices within their own operational environments and ensure that the 14 Key Controls will protect their sensitive data cross-jurisdiction.

Info Byte Source: EDM Council

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