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NIH Seeks Comments on Strategic Plan for Data Science by March 15

The National Institutes of Health posted a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit comments on the Institute’s Strategic Plan for Data Science for 2023-2028. The deadline for submitting comments is March 15, 2024.  All comments must be submitted via the form on the RFI page.

The NIH has asked for input from members of the scientific community, academic institutions, the private sector, health professionals, professional societies, advocacy groups, and patient communities, or any other citizens.

The updated Strategic Plan includes five strategic goals:

  • Goal 1: Improve Capabilities to Sustain the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing
  • Goal 2: Develop Programs to Enhance Human Derived Data for Research
  • Goal 3: Provide New Opportunities in Software, Computational Methods, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Goal 4: Support for a Federated Biomedical Research Data Infrastructure
  • Goal 5: Strengthen a Broad Community in Data Science

According to the NIH announcement:

The updated Strategic Plan for Data Science sets a bold vision for the future, one in which data generated in the course of care of individuals and data generated from biomedical and basic research become powerful inputs that enhance our understanding of fundamental biology and enable the development of new clinical treatments and diagnostic technologies. This updated plan builds on accomplishments from the initial NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science and will prepare NIH to face the acceleration of sophisticated new technologies and address the rapid rise in the quantity and diversity of data. The updated Strategic Plan supports the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing and embraces data-driven discovery as a powerful tool to elucidate biological processes and better characterize the health and health consequences of all people. The plan also fosters ethical use of new methodologies arising from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


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