The Department of Defense (DoD) published its “​Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Adoption Strategy” in late 2023, which builds upon and supersedes the 2018 AI Strategy and the 2020 Data Strategy to continue the Department’s digital transformation. The key outcomes of this Adoption Strategy are to enable DoD leaders and warfighters to make rapid, well-informed decisions by leveraging high-quality data, advanced analytics, and AI.​ This will address key operational problems, enhance warfighting capabilities, and strengthen the enterprise foundation. ​Decision advantage is characterized by battlespace awareness, adaptive force planning, fast and precise kill chains, resilient sustainment support, and efficient enterprise business operations. ​

The strategic goals of the DoD’s Data, Analytics, and AI Adoption Strategy include: ​

  • Improve foundational data management
  • Delivery capabilities for enterprise business and joint warfighting impact
  • Strengthen governance and remove policy barriers
  • Invest in interoperable, federated infrastructure
  • Advance the data, analytics, and AI ecosystem
  • Expand digital talent management

The Chief Digital and AI Officer (CDAO) will collaborate on implementation with DOD Components through the CDAO Council, which is the senior leadership body that governs and coordinates the Department’s integrated data, analytics, and AI enterprise. The CDAO Council recommends decisions on certain data, analytics, and AI issues to the Deputy’s Management Action Group, the Deputy’s Innovation Steering Group, and the Deputy’s Workforce Council. The CDAO will conduct an annual review of the Strategy and report results through the CDAO Council.