The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board’s (FRTIB) OPEN Data Plan outlines the Board’s strategy for managing and sharing data. The major objectives include enhancing data transparency, improving data accessibility, and promoting data-driven decision-making. The OPEN Data Plan aims to make data more available to the public – balancing the need for transparency and accessibility with the imperative to protect participant privacy.

The types of data sets to be managed include financial data, investment performance data, and participant demographic data. These data sets are crucial for analyzing the performance of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and understanding participant behavior and trends. Provisions for data privacy are a key component of the plan. The FRTIB is committed to protecting sensitive information and ensuring compliance with federal privacy laws and regulations. Measures include data anonymization, access controls, and regular privacy impact assessments. These steps are designed to safeguard personal information while still allowing for the beneficial use of data.

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