The Department of Veterans Affairs Data Governance Council (DGC) discussed a proposal to create a Data Maturity Workgroup to manage the development, deployment, and reporting requirements of the data maturity assessment for VA and its corresponding tool. The Data Maturity Workgroup created this PPT presentation to describe the requirements, selection process, and results of the Data Maturity Model assessment.

The workgroup determined that a suitable data maturity model must be based on industry’s best practices and used by the industry (i.e., government, DoD). It should be able to be deployed immediately without validation, with low or no costs. And it must be compatible with DAMA-DMBOK© (Data Management Body of Knowledge).

This presentation includes a comparison of six models: CMMI Data Mangement Maturity (DMM) Model; IBM Big Data Model; Stanford Maturity Model; DataFlux: Data Governance Maturity Model; Federal Government Data Maturity Model; and Data Quality Maturity Model.  It determined that the CMMI Data Mangement Maturity (DMM) Model was the overall best fit.

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