The Federal Data Strategy (FDS) provides a comprehensive framework to harness data as a strategic asset across federal agencies. It is crucial for federal data leaders, particularly Chief Data Officers, as it outlines key principles and practices for data governance, management, and utilization. The FDS offers 10 core principles that serve as timeless guidance, as well as 40 practices that guide agencies on how to leverage the value of data. The FDS was published by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in 2019 as Memorandum M-19-18.

The mission of the Federal Data Strategy is to leverage the full value of Federal data for mission, service, and the public good by guiding the Federal Government in practicing ethical governance, conscious design, and a learning culture. Adopting this strategy helps CDOs align their agency’s data initiatives with federal priorities, ensuring effective and ethical data use to achieve mission goals and enhance public trust.

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