The NTSB Data Strategy for 2023–2026 outlines a comprehensive plan to manage data as a strategic asset, foster a data-informed culture, enhance decision-making with data analytics, and strengthen data governance. The plan establishes goals and objectives to improve our use of agency data for decision-making, manage data as a strategic asset, and maximize usability of NTSB data for other agencies, external stakeholders, and the public. In accordance with the Federal Data Strategy and Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018. This Data Strategy Plan supports the strategic goals and objectives in the NTSB’s 2022–2026 Strategic Plan by enabling the agency to more effectively use data to improve processes and products, optimize organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and monitor progress toward those goals.

The strategy aims to empower stakeholders with secure data, seek feedback, and develop an investment strategy for data management. It emphasizes incorporating data skills into the workforce, providing training, and hiring staff to meet future data needs. Additionally, it focuses on establishing performance metrics, developing analytic tools, and expanding analytics products to support decision-making. The strategy also involves implementing an enterprise data analytics platform, establishing a data stewardship program, and developing data policy and guidance.

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