The “Improving Agency Data Skills Playbook” is a comprehensive guide designed to enhance data skills within federal agencies. It aligns with the 2020 Federal Data Strategy Action Plan and the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, offering a structured approach to:

  • Identify Critical Data Skills: Agencies determine essential data skills for their mission and leadership priorities.
  • Assess Staff Capacity: Evaluate current staff’s data skills against those identified as critical.
  • Gap Analysis: Identify and prioritize gaps between needed and available skills.
  • Meet Data Skills Needs: Develop strategies to address skill gaps through hiring, training, or other methods.

The playbook provides checklists, examples, and questions to facilitate each step, ensuring a holistic and integrated assessment of data skills across agencies. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and leveraging councils like the Federal CDO Council for successful data skill development. By following this playbook, agencies can effectively harness data for decision-making, accountability, and public good, fostering a culture that values data and continuous learning.

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