Air Force Seeks a Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer

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The Department of the Air Force (DAF) seeks to hire a Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer, according to a job posting on

The DAF CDAO is responsible for the advancement and operationalization of data and AI across the DAF enterprise. This leadership role plans, provides strategic direction, and oversees the execution and implementation of strategy, plans, and policies, and leads governance for a for data science, AI, and automation functions in the DAF.

According to the posting, duties for the USAF CDAO include:

  1. Develops a mission-driven enterprise data and AI strategy that supports enhancing digital talent management, strategic partnerships, and integrating data, automation, and AI technologies to optimize operational capabilities and ensure decision advantage. Exploits data and AI advancement through research, open standard architectures, federated infrastructure investments, and analytics to maximize the return on data and AI assets.
  2. Formulates data and AI policies and processes for implementation and use across mission areas. Promulgates regulatory guidance in the form of DAF Policy Directives (DAFPDs), DAF Instructions (DAFIs), and DAF Manuals (DAFMANs) to accomplish strategic objectives. Establishes plans and objectives to achieve the organizational goals, regulatory intent, and to implement digital transformation guidance from the SecAF, USecAF, CSAF, CSO, Principal Cyber Advisor (PCA), and the CIO. Assesses compliance with policy and effectiveness of data and AI governance and programs in achieving integrated and interoperable capabilities.
  3. Develops and maintains a comprehensive inventory of all DAF data and AI assets created by, collected by, under the control or direction of, or maintained by the DAF. Enterprise data and AI catalogs must implement DoD and DAF standards and employ data models and AI algorithms to
    enable secure visibility and access to data assets. Directs quantitative and qualitative assessments of the effectiveness and accuracy of emergent data, automation, and AI sources and approve development of custom data models and algorithms to apply to datasets. Recommend infrastructure improvements and updates to strategy, plans, exercises, security cooperation and training based on evaluation of data services operations and intimate knowledge of DoD and DAF enterprise-level command missions and functions.
  4. Develops, implements, and oversees all data standardization related activities. These activities include creation and implementation of accountable policies and standards for the DAF enterprise to acquire, store, protect, process, and disseminate data and AI objects in a commonly available and represented (linked and interoperable) manner. Implements and manages enterprise open standard architecture portfolio, facilitating DoD, industry, and academia partnerships to adopt industry best practices for cybersecurity, data ethics, data protection and design. Recommends required IT infrastructure and cybersecurity improvements to reduce barriers that inhibit data asset accessibility.
  5. Strengthens data and AI governance and removes policy barriers to digital transformation. Develops flexible, dynamic enterprise business processes to facilitate the management and oversight of data and AI for which the DAF is responsible. Identifies emerging types and sources of data and fields automation and AI technologies to drive business innovation and warfighting impact throughout the organization and defines processes for the effective, integrated introduction of emergent data and AI capabilities. Data, analytics, and AI governance
    will be used to balance stakeholder collaboration and swift adoption digital interfaces to ensure adoption of data, automation, and AI technologies, at the right time and pace to meet mission critical and strategic business needs.
  6. Plans, programs, budgets, and executes funding for enterprise-wide DAF capabilities that share data, AI, and information, and their supporting infrastructures. Also, engages business and operational stakeholders to identify data and AI capabilities most appropriately aligned with organizational needs and DAF and DoD strategies. Develops data-centric investment strategies to find digital, manpower, and financial solutions for areas of concern.
  7. Develops and implements a data and AI governance process for the DAF that is comprehensive, realistic, manageable, and effective in engaging stakeholders and supporting enterprise data lifecycle management. This includes the deployment and management of data readiness and maturity models which measure data quality, availability, and integrity. Facilitates and leads enterprise data and AI governance structure for the DAF, collaborating with HAF and SAF leaders, Major Command (MAJCOM), USSF Field Command (FLDCOM), Numbered AF (NAF), Field Operating Agency (FOA), and Direct Reporting Unit (DRU) commanders. Also consults with Military Departments, federal agencies, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), federal agencies, industry partners, and academia, as appropriate.
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Job Opening Details

Job Opening Date: 06/05/2024
Job Closing Date: 06/18/2024
Salary Range: $180,359 - $204,000 per year
Pay Scale/Grade: ES 00
Telework Eligible: Yes—as determined by the agency policy.
Applications Open To: Senior Executives; the Public