DHS OIG seeks a Director for the Data Services Division

Original Job Opening Posted on USAJobs.gov: https://www.usajobs.gov/job/733941900

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is searching for a Supervisory Data Scientist, according to a job posting on USAJobs.gov.

This position is in the Data Services Division (DSD) in the DHS OIG’s Office of Innovation. DSD seeks to identify and obtain important sources of internal and external data; promote the use of analytics and technical assessments in OIG audits, inspections, and investigations; and conduct projects to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of OIG’s internal operations. DSD performs all activities related to the development of the DHS OIG Data Analytics Cloud System (DACS). DSD is responsible for assisting OIG program offices to leverage data and incorporate data analytics in all aspects of DHS OIG’s mission.

The Supervisory Data Scientist will serve as Director of DHS OIG Data Services, which is responsible for acquiring, ingesting, managing, and analyzing data. The Director will oversee the design, development, and administration of DHS OIG Data Analytics platforms, provide consultation and data analytic services to support OIG program office activities, and oversee data mining projects evaluating the quality of data, identifying the relationships among the data, consolidating statistical research, and generating actionable intelligence that answers business questions.

According to the posting, the Supervisory Data Scientist:

  • Directs the development and implementation of policies, plans, and procedures for providing data services across the OIG.
  • Manages, monitors, analyzes, and operationalizes strategic and functional business requirements leveraging data and technology to drive the organization’s targeted business outcomes through an effective, institutionalized, and scalable data and technology architecture and analytics frameworks.
  • Collaborates with OIG Program Offices in response to requests for analytic support and oversee the planning and coordination of project design.
  • Assesses data analytic priorities based on opportunities to perform work leading to improvements in DHS operations and determines necessary changes in plans to accommodate changes in laws, regulations, and policy.
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Department of Homeland Security

Job Opening Details

Job Opening Date: 06/28/2023
Job Closing Date: 07/12/2023
Salary Range: $148,507 - $183,500 per year
Pay Scale/Grade: GS 15
Telework Eligible: field_64f0d0e139801
Applications Open To: field_64f0d0ff39802