DOJ National Security Div. Seeks Head of eLitigation & Data Services

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The Dept. of Justice, National Security Division, IT Management Staff is searching for a Supervisory IT Program Manager to lead Division-wide eLitigation and Data Services, according to a job posting on

The scope of responsibilities for the include the head of eLitigation and Data Services include processing, hosting, and production of electronic litigation data in national security matters throughout the United States, and data governance and compliance activities throughout NSD. This position serves as a senior expert and consultant to the NSD Chief Information Officer (CIO) to advice on Data Management and Information Sharing under eLitigation and Data Services.

According to the posting, duties for the Supervisory IT Program Manager include:

  • Serve as a recognized expert in the field of electronic litigation and data governance as the Chief of eLitigation and Data Services.
  • Manage the technology components of legal cases for the life of the matter; advises legal teams on e-Discovery and case technology best practices; develops and manages analysis and review of workflows, taking time frames into account, and establishes procedures and safeguards to ensure the integrity of the process.
  • Perform program evaluation and provides advice on revisions to existing policies and programs to meet requirements.
  • Serve as Information System owner of related systems and Contracting Officer Representative on related contracts.
  • Implement automation approaches and data architecture programs that lead to improvements in NSD’s administration of high-quality information system services that support achievement of core agency mission requirements, maximizing the use of agency data.
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Job Opening Details

Job Opening Date: 09/22/2023
Job Closing Date: 10/05/2023
Salary Range: $155,700 - $183,500 per year
Pay Scale/Grade: GS 15
Telework Eligible: Yes—as determined by the agency policy.
Applications Open To: Career Transition, Competitive Service, Special Authorities, Veterans, Military Spouses, Family of Overseas Employees, Internal to an Agency, Individuals with Disabilities, et al.
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