The U.S. Department of State‘s Enterprise Data Council Charter defines the mission, authority, membership, responsibilities, and administration for the Department’s Enterprise Data Council (EDC). The EDC is a business-focused coordinating and advisory body that drives the Department’s approach to leveraging data as a strategic asset through necessary processes and policies required to make data manageable, accessible, and interoperable across the Department, including overseeing the creation and implementation of an Enterprise Data Strategy (EDS).

The Charter grants the EDC authority to operate under applicable laws, regulations, and directives, such as the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Act of 2018 and the Federal Data Strategy. It empowers the EDC to make policy recommendations and determinations as a consensus-based entity. Key goals include drafting an Enterprise Data Strategy, establishing metrics for congressional compliance, and creating models for data architecture and governance. The EDC also seeks to develop a data hub for sharing analytics products and a common lexicon for data terminology.

Decision-making within the EDC follows a consensus approach, striving for agreement among members. If consensus cannot be reached, issues are escalated to the Under Secretary for Management or the Enterprise Governance Board. Through its structured approach, the EDC Charter ensures that data is leveraged effectively to support the Department’s diplomatic and operational objectives.