The U.S. Department of State‘s Enterprise Data Strategy: Empowering Data-Informed Diplomacy (2021) aims to empower the Department’s global workforce with the skills and tools to derive actionable insights from data, ensuring data assets are securely shared and effectively managed. It addresses the evolving global landscape, the demand for data-driven insights, and the rapid pace of technological innovation, necessitating a modern enterprise approach to data as a strategic asset.

This strategy represents a commitment to leveraging data for informed decision-making and operational efficiency, aligning with the Department’s mission to advance the interests of the American people. The document describers the Department’s five Guiding Principles that serve as North Star to reinforce decisions around data and underpin the strategy, ensuring responsible and effective use of data in diplomacy: Shared, Applied, Governed, Ethical, and Secure.

The four goals outlined in the strategy are:

  1. Cultivate a Data Culture: Enhance data fluency, collaboration, and recruit future-oriented skills.
  2. Accelerate Decisions through Analytics: Provide access to data assets, modern analytic tools, and pilot AI/ML applications.
  3. Establish Mission-Driven Data Management: Implement technology solutions for data creation, collection, storage, protection, and sharing.
  4. Enhance Enterprise Data Governance: Institute a governance model, develop data policy, and measure the value of data and analytics.