The DHS Geospatial Strategy Addendum to DHS Evidence-based Data Strategy addresses the requirements set by the Geospatial Data Act (GDA) of 2018 for covered agencies, including DHS, to support the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Strategic Plan. This strategy emphasizes the importance of geospatial data in fulfilling DHS’s mission and the broader federal commitment to data management and sharing.

Key requirements for DHS and its components include developing and implementing a strategy to advance geographic information and geospatial data activities; and aligning with the NSDI Strategic Plan goals, which focus on policy and governance, data asset maturity, interoperability, and collaborative governance.

DHS data leaders must ensure that geospatial data is visible, accessible, understandable, linked, trustworthy, interoperable, and secure. The Geospatial Center of Excellence (GCOE), led by the DHS Geospatial Management Office (GMO), is tasked with overseeing the strategy’s implementation. The GCOE will coordinate with various governance bodies and assess progress towards meeting GDA and NSDI objectives, updating the DHS Evidence-Based Data Strategy as needed.