The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) established the Data Governance Board (DGB) to manage and utilize data as a strategic asset, enhancing data-driven decisions across the agency. The DGB serves as a centralized forum for overseeing all enterprise data management activities, including data architecture, quality, lifecycle, analytics, security, and metadata management. It operates in conjunction with records management to maintain authentic, reliable, and usable data throughout the authorized retention period.

The DGB was created in response to the growing importance of data assets, prompting new strategies for effective data management. It aims to centralize responsibilities and processes related to data management, ensuring that data governance principles are applied consistently across NARA. As a cross-functional team, the DGB defines data management practices and governs enterprise data. It promotes data ownership, ensures accurate metadata documentation, creates processes for data and metadata governance, and develops roles for business data stewards. The board also maintains a master dataset to support core agency functions and reduce duplicate storage, while overseeing data quality, processing, lifecycle, storage, and security at the business unit level.