The Federal CIO Council published “Guidance for Creating Agency Inventories of AI Use Cases per EO 13960” in January 2023 to serve as a foundational guideline for agencies to systematically inventory their Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, promoting accountability and the responsible use of AI in government operations. It provides guidance for Federal agencies to create annual inventories of Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases, as required by Executive Order (EO) 139602.

The document outlines the criteria for determining which AI use cases to include in the required inventory, emphasizing the inclusion of AI systems that enhance agency missions, decision-making, or public benefit. Sensitive AI use cases, defense and national security systems, common commercial products, and AI R&D activities are excluded from the inventories. Agencies must share their inventories with other agencies via the MAX Community and with the public via their agency websites, ensuring transparency and adherence to the EO’s requirements for trustworthy AI.