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Federal CDO Council Holds Public Meeting

The Federal CDO Council held its annual Public Meeting, a 3-hour event that provided updates about the Council’s activities and the implementation of the Chief Data Officer role in the Federal government.

The meeting agenda included panel discussions on how CDOs are impacting their agency missions and collaborating across the government to address data challenges. There were also presentations about the role of data in key administration priorities such as Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA).

Keynote presenters included:

  • Council Chair Ted Kaouk (OPM) – Welcome and overview of CDO Council Accomplishments
  • Ben Licht (GAO) – “CDO Council Efforts to Strengthen Federal Evidence-Based Policymaking”
  • Nick Hart (Data Foundation) – “Federal Data and the Evolving Role of the Federal CDO”
  • Denice Ross (U.S. Chief Data Scientist) – “From Open Data to Equitable Data”
  • Janice Underwood (OPM) – “The Power of Data for Improving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility”

Panel Presentations included:

  • Driving Results for the People (SEC, EEOC, USDOT, State)
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream work – Collaboration Driving Success (USDA, NSF, USDOT, Commerce, Education, NOAA)
  • Supporting Operational Relevance (DOI, HHS, USDA, Treasury)

The full meeting recording will be posted soon on the event page on the CDO Council’s website.

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