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OPM Awards $110M BPA to Five Firms for Data Science and Analytics Support Services

The Office Of Personnel Management (OPM) has selected five firms for an enterprise-wide Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to provide Data Science And Analytics Support Services, which was awarded on the GSA MAS vehicle.

The five awardees on this $110 million BPA (selected from seven total bidders) are IBM, Excella, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., Applied Cloud Technologies, and Deloitte.  Click the Award ID links below to view the award notices on

Awardee Name: Excella, Inc.
Award ID: 24322623A0010
Ref IDV: 47QTCA21D003G

Awardee Name: International Business Machines Corporation
Award ID: 24322623A0011
Ref IDV: GS35F110DA

Awardee Name: Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Award ID: 24322623A0012
Ref IDV: GS35F386DA

Awardee Name: Applied Cloud Technologies LLC
Award ID: 24322623A0013
Ref IDV: 47QTCA20D00E9

Awardee Name: Deloitte Consulting LLP
Award ID: 24322623A0015
Ref IDV: 47QRAA18D001P

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