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AWS Publishes “2024 CDO Insights: Data & Generative AI”

AWS has published a new report titled “2024 CDO Insights: Data & Generative AI,” in collaboration with several luminaries from the world of enterprise data management and information quality including Tom H. Davenport, Randy Bean, Rich Wang, and the largest CDO community, MIT CDOIQ.  The report is free to download from the AWS website.

This second annual global CDO research strives to understand how the CDO role is evolving as they prepare for and enable generative AI within their organizations. AWS conducted a comprehensive study of 334 executives in 15 markets, 10 industries, and 12 C-level roles. This free report addresses:

  • How CDOs are tackling generative AI
  • Key priorities for the CDOs
  • The biggest roadblocks to success
  • How successful CDOs are creating value

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