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Deltek Market Analysis: ODNI Issues Inaugural IT Roadmap for the IC

Deltek Analyst Christine Fritsch published a summary of the new “Vision for the IC Information Environment: An Information Technology Roadmap” released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). The roadmap, which applies to all agencies that comprise the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), is intended to guide exploration of new technologies that will improve the speed, infrastructure, quality, and mission of national intelligence. The ODNI expects to update the roadmap annually.

Fritsch summarizes:

The document does not mandate IC action, rather it serves as a recommendation for IC decision-makers to combat IT challenges to lead the intelligence agencies to unmatched advantage over U.S. adversaries. Building on previous major IC strategies, the new roadmap is centered on five, interconnected focus areas, each with key initiatives and milestones through FY 2030 that will require investment with industry partners.

The five key areas, listed with annual goals for each area, are:

  1. Fortify the Mission with a Reliable and Resilient Digital Foundation
  2. Assure the Mission with Robust Cybersecurity
  3. Enable the Mission with Modern Practices and Partnerships
  4. Enhance the Mission with Data-Centricity
  5. Accelerate the Mission with Advanced Technologies and Workforce Readiness

Specifically in the area Data-Centricity, the report lists the following goals:

  • FY 2026: Deliver guidance and tools to enable end-to-end data management, including automation of data management plans across the IC.
  • FY 2026: Develop and deliver an IC Data Reference Architecture to promote data-centric principles and enable data-centricity at scale.
  • FY 2026: Deliver guidance and standards to prepare and condition data resources that reside with sensitive enclaves to be discovered and accessed by any IC user with the clearances and authorization.
  • FY 2027: Develop and deliver tools and services that IC elements and function can leverage to support the IC’s data centric architecture.

Other ODNI reports and publications are available to download on the website.

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