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GovWin Report: Increase in Data Opportunities under NAP5

A new market analysis posted by Deltek’s GovWin IQ and authored by Christine Fritsch, Sr. Principal Research Analyst, described the anticipated increase in data opportunities under the Fifth U.S. Open Government National Action Plan (NAP5), released recently by the Biden Administration.  The GovWin report is accessible to the public and does not require a GovWin subscription (An Increase in Data Opportunities under NAP5 | GovWin IQ).

According to the GovWin report:

NAP5 covers themes ranging from ensuring public access to federal data, to supporting the integrity of federal programs, and according to the plan’s introduction, “Reflects the United States’ longstanding commitment to open government at home and abroad, and includes over 30 commitments from across the Federal Government…

GovWin’s market analysis focuses primarily on the first of the NAP5’s five themes, which is to “Improve Access to Government Data, Research, and Information.”

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